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Campisi Law is a specialty firm dealing largely with Medical Malpractice, Construction Law and Anti-SLAPP litigation. The firm, located in Berkeley, California, is embued with the same spirit as its surroundings and we take a special interest in consumer advocacy and patient's rights.

Our firm consists of an experienced first chair litigator who has had successful results litigating and handling arbitration in a variety of jurisdictions across California. Our commitment is reflected in the continuous development of the scope and depth of our practice in order to respond to and anticipate the needs of our clients. Our firm believes in working as a partner with the client to produce the best results in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The firm's operating philosophy is to serve all the legal needs of our community and to provide superior legal counsel to our clients while maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.

We represent a wide array of individuals who have been injured by malpractice, neglected by bureaucracies or trapped by unfair contracts. The firm serves its clients in the areas of administrative, health care, construction law, civil litigation, nursing home litigation, long term care litigation and specializes in an emerging field of law centered around California's anti-SLAPP statute.

Our firm is small, consisting of one practicing attorney and his support staff of paralegal assistants, but it is that small size which allows us to tailor fit our services to the special needs of plaintiffs. With clients who are often recovering from grave injury or the loss of a loved one, we feel that emotional sensitivity and a "family" feel are the benchmarks of our practice. We combine an approach you can relate to with superior dedication to your's a winning combination.

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