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The Law Offices of William Campisi Jr. is a law firm which specializes in the representation of consumers who suffer injury to themselves or their property as a result of negligence, fraud, defective products or unfair business practices.

Mr. Campisi is committed to excellence in the practice of law. His commitment is reflected in the individual time and effort he gives to each of is clients’ matters.  In expert intensive litigation, which is frequently required in representing injured consumers, experts’ fees, in Mr. Campisi’s experience have ranged from $10,000 to $150,000.00.  Mr. Campisi has a reputation for hiring the best experts available for a given matter, and hiring as many of them as he believes are necessary to prosecute a client’s matter successfully.

Hiring the needed experts is part of Mr. Campisi’s operating philosophy to provide superior legal counsel to consumers who have been injured while maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards. 

Areas of Practice


The handling of trials and trial related matters is an important part of our firm's practice. Our firm recognizes, even with increasing specialization within the legal profession, the skills of trial lawyers - in negotiations and the trial of cases, and in utilizing other means of resolving disputes - are extremely important.

Our firm is experienced in virtually every type of general civil ligation in both federal and state courts.


The bulk of our practice centers around the plaintiff's side of medical malpractice torts. Within this broader category, our attorney has extensive knowledge of those cases involving surgeries - specifically colorectal - and is extremely knowledgable in the areas of stroke, mental care and nursing home treatment, anesthesia/post-anesthesia recovery, opiate overdose and medical negligence in general. Our attorney brings to bear a wealth of expereince in litigating against some of the toughest and largest bureacratic medical establishments in California including Kaiser Permanente and the Coroner's Office.


California's so-called anti-SLAPP statute (Cal. Code of Civil Procedure § 452.16) is one of the most heavily litigated pieces of legislature to come out of the state in recent decades. As always, our firm is on the legal frontier, ensuring that such an important piece of legislation - one closely associated with freedom of speech - is not abused. We have ensured numerous times that motions to strike under the statute were not used to cover malicious breaches of patient/client confidentiality or to soften eggregious defamation. We have argued anti-SLAPP motions in both trial and appellate courts. Our clients take pride in knowing that our firm argues confidently at the forefront of a hotly debated legal battle.


Our firm is a highly accomplished veteran of California's Alternative Dispute Resolution process. Our attorney is familiar with nearly every mediator who is routinely brought to bear in arbitration proceedings. Our firm has a reputation for being tough for our clients and our attorney is dedicated to garnering top dollar allowed under the law as stated in the MICRA cap which limits most punative awards in California. Our firm is at home in both the ADR forum as well as the conventiaonl trial by jury and our attorney is a skilled veteran at suggesting the best forum and venue to ensure the most equitable results for our clients.


Mr. Campisi's background as a contractor and builder make him uniquely suited to mediate contractor/homeowner disputes. He has mediated several such disputes, always with an eye to getting crews back to work and jobs completed within the fastest possible timeframe. However, when disputes go beyond the mediation process, Mr. Campisi is highly adept at dealing with Mechanic's Liens, reviewing scope of work contracts and litigating construction disputes.


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