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Our firm handles legal and medical malpractice cases with a marked emphais on medical malpractice in the context of the Kaiser Permanente arbitration system. Mr. Campisi has argued patient's claims in front of arbitration panels, single neutral arbitrators and superior courts in several jurisdictions in California.

Recent cases have encompassed such varied fields in medicine as colorectal surgery, stroke detection, chemotherapy extravasation, prescription drug accidents, elder and dependent-adult abuse, and gastrointestinal surgery.

Repeat interaction with the medical malpractice juggernaut that is the Kaiser Arbitration System has honed our firm's abilities to efficiently and effectively patient's claims. We have retained experts from UCSF, Stanford and several other premier medical institutions who have given expert testimony in our cases and in medical malpractice the quality of your experts determines the value of your case.

Mr. Campisi approaches this part of his practice with deep sympathy for the injured patient and with a broader view of the systemic changes that need to occur to ensure real patient's safety. He has networked extensively within the legal and medical communities to cultivate a circle of experts and fellow attorneys who believe deeply in reforming medical care for the consumer's benefit.

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